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   The Heat defeated the Celtics 125-113 and reached the Finals again after six years. Although they did not have a real superstar, they had such an outstanding playoff performance. You know, the Heat did not even make the playoffs last season, and they also experienced the retiring of the team’s soul Dwayne Wade. The team just selected a group without a high draft pick. Very good young players, and also signed some outstanding losers.


   Relying on extremely strict team training and great training intensity, the Heat eventually grew into the current team. The Heat ranked fifth in the Eastern Conference in the regular season, but they could reach the Finals in the playoffs, which is really incredible. One year ago, they were still holding the media day of the new season to celebrate the joining of Butler and others. I wonder if they would have thought they would enter the finals a year later.


   Anyway, the Heat and the Lakers, two teams that did not make the playoffs last season, finally met on the stage of the Finals, which is the first time in NBA history. Feng shui turns around, which is a perfect description. Last summer, the Lakers drastically introduced Anthony Davis, plus the introduction of James the previous summer, their lineup became extremely luxurious. Although he did not succeed in getting the third superstar, other lineup positions have also been well filled. Rondo's comeback in the playoffs is also a great benefit.


   The Heat are different, they don't have superstars. Although there are no stars, the Heat are all players. In addition to having two All-Star players, Adebayor (18.5 points, 11.4 rebounds and 4.9 assists per game in the playoffs) and Jimmy Butler (20.7 points, 5.7 rebounds and 4.5 assists per game in the playoffs), they also have Dragic (average 20.9 points, 4.2 rebounds and 4.7 assists per game in the playoffs) is a former All-Star player, and rookie Tyler Hilo (average 16.5 points, 5.5 rebounds and 3.9 assists per game in the playoffs) is going to the future All-Star On the road.


In addition to the above four absolute cores, the Heat also has excellent offensive and defensive Jay Crowder on the front line. Although there are ups and downs, the playoffs are still averaging 12.3 points, 5.7 rebounds and 2.1 assists and three-point shooting percentage. 34.4%. In addition, there is Andre Iguodala on the front line who has reached the NBA Finals for six consecutive years. His key performance in G6 proves that the price of the Heat's original trade with him was not in vain. The finals MVP five years ago The winner will play a very crucial role in the finals, and time will prove it.

除了以上四个绝对核心,热火在前线还拥有出色的进攻和防守Jay Crowder。尽管有起有落,但季后赛平均场均贡献12.3分,5.7篮板,2.1助攻和三分命中率。 34.4%。此外,前线的安德烈·伊瓜达拉(Andre Iguodala)已连续六年进入NBA总决赛。他在G6比赛中的关键表现证明了热火最初与他交易的价格没有白费。五年前的总决赛MVP冠军将在总决赛中扮演至关重要的角色,时间将证明这一点。

   Iguodala and Crowder will be the defenders used by the Heat to defend LeBron James in the Finals. Of course, Jimmy Butler will also have some confrontations with James. The Lakers are likely to use James and the thick eyebrow pick-and-roll to attack the Heat's defense, Adebayor will also bear a lot of pressure to switch to James. Of course, there is no player in the NBA that can absolutely defend James. He can only limit James as much as possible. If the Heat can cut off the connection between James and his teammates, it has been a great defensive success for a long time.


In addition, the Heat also have three important role players, Duncan Robinson, Olynyk, and Nunn. Among them, Duncan Robinson is the most critical. The playoffs average of 11.3 points, 2.8 rebounds and 1.5 assists per game does not seem amazing, but This undrafted 40% three-point shooting rate is really scary. When he starts his own three-point performance, it is the moment when the opponent's nightmare comes. This man who thought his basketball career was going downhill three years ago is now about to make his debut in the finals. His fate is so miraculous that he will not disappoint those who go all out.


   There is no doubt that the Lakers are the more promising side. Although people have been saying that the Heat are 0-2 against the Lakers in the regular season, in fact their strength still cannot be underestimated. The Heat scored 17.8 points per 100 possessions more than their opponents in the fourth quarter of the playoffs. In contrast, the Heat scored 5.8 points per 100 possessions less than their opponents in the regular season. This is the terrible aspect of this Heat team. In the playoffs, they fully demonstrated their confidence, their tactical qualities have also been improved, and the level of the game has also risen to another level.


  The Heat players are a group of "under dogs", which can be explained as the weak side that is not favored. Butler was selected by the Bulls with the 30th overall pick, and has not been earnestly named a superstar in his career. Players such as George and Antetokounmpo have long been hailed as superstars. Dragic was only a second-round pick in 2008. When people see a white guard, they often define him as "poor defense and incapable of confrontation", but the 34-year-old is still in the NBA. One of the top point guards. His defensive efficiency in the playoffs ranks 27th in the NBA, higher than defensive expert Marcus Smart.

热火队是一群“弱者”,可以解释为不受欢迎的弱者。巴特勒被公牛队以第30顺位选中,并且在他的职业生涯中没有被认真地评为超级巨星。长期以来,乔治和Antetokounmpo等球员都被誉为超级巨星。德拉季奇在2008年只是第二轮选秀权。当人们看到白人后卫时,他们通常将他定义为“防守不佳且无法对抗”,但现年34岁的他仍然在NBA。顶级控球后卫之一。他在季后赛的防守效率在全联盟排名第27位,高于防守专家马库斯·斯玛特(Marcus Smart)。

   Although Adebayor's draft pick is not low, he only has the 14th overall pick. He was still playing the bench for Whiteside last season, and now he has become a Jokic-style ball-holding center with epoch-making significance. He has completed many key moments in G6 by holding the ball and then dunking the game. Opportunity, he seized the fleeting opportunity and became the core of the Heat. What's more frightening is that at 23, he is only 23 years old. God knows how many All-Stars he can make in the future.


   As the 13th overall pick in 2019, Taylor Hilo has been shining since the beginning of the summer league, and the limelight has even overwhelmed the rookies with super high picks. He will become the first post-00 player to be on the stage of the NBA Finals with Tucker of the Lakers. He can develop such a complete offensive technique at the age of 20. It's hard to imagine what an outstanding big-hearted player Shiro will become after having experience in the finals. You know, in the Eastern Conference Finals, he averaged 19.2 points, 6.2 rebounds, and 4.8 assists per game, and he shot 51%.

作为2019年第13顺位新秀,泰勒·希洛自夏季联赛开始以来就一直表现出色,而众人瞩目的新秀也让他们获得了超高的选择权。他将成为第一位进入湖人队塔克(Tucker of the Lakers)的NBA决赛阶段的00后球员。他可以在20岁时发展出如此完善的进攻技术,很难想象一位出色的雄心勃勃的球员Shiro在进入决赛后会成为什么样的人。您知道,在东部决赛中,他场均得到19.2分,6.2个篮板和4.8次助攻,他的命中率达到51%。

   In addition, Claude, second round pick in 2012. Duncan Robinson lost the draft. Nunn, lost the draft. Iguodala, a man who has been questioned about his high salary and low ability and his ability to continue playing in the NBA. But it is such a group of people. They and Butler are the same kind of people. They understand the preciousness of opportunities. Their eyes are full of desire for victory. They are willing to play the role of gear in such a team called brothers. Everyone takes up heavy tasks. Almost every critical moment, someone in the Heat can stand up and reap the game.


   Butler said: "


Adebayor said: "I think the special thing about this team is that we get along very well off the court. This is a place I love this team. After all, we all feel like brothers." This may be the real brother basketball.


   Butler and the Heat have an opportunity. This is once again they are not favored. It is time to prove their strength, especially if they encounter a perfect opponent like the Lakers, the best way to verify whether they are really strong teams. On October 1, everything will be revealed little by little.

巴特勒和热火都有机会。这再次是他们所不喜欢的。现在该证明自己的实力了,尤其是在遇到像湖人这样的完美对手时,这是验证他们是否真正强大的最佳途径。 10月1日,所有内容都会一点一点地显示出来。

   (the head of the kitchen knife door)


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